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About Global File Registry
Global File Registry is a subsidiary of Brilliant Digital Entertainment Inc. and is managed by pioneers in the P2P and secure content distribution spaces.

Global File Registry’s engineers have unrivalled expertise in the fields of peer-to-peer technology, massivelt scalable systems, digital rights management, and secure content delivery.

Global File Registry creates products and provides services which integrate with web sites, search engines and P2P applications to allow content owners to enforce their copyright on those networks.

Global File Registry provides a cost-effective means for web sites, search engines and P2P networks to help make their services and applications DMCA-compliant, providing DMCA safe-harbor protection from liability for infringing content found on that web site, search engine or network.

Global File Registry is the hub between content owners and content distribution networks, seamlessly and efficiently bringing the parties together via a single unified interface. Each content owner and content distributor maintains a single relationship with Global File Registry, rather than having to maintain hundreds or thousands of individual one-on-one relationships.

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