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Our Global File Registry DLL is a client-side component that’s easily integrated with your P2P application or other client-side software application. Our DLL handles all the secure communications with the Global File Registry database, providing your application with fast, reliable and secure DMCA-compliant user login and file verification / take-down features.

Embedded Binary Client
Suitable for P2P application developers

Key features:
Size and integration

  • LIB file or DLL integrates easily with your P2P application.
  • Tested with C++, Java and Python P2P applications.
  • mall size (less than 800KB) has minimal impact on the install size of your application.

File Take-Down
  • DMCA-compliant file take-down service.
  • File take-down service fully hosted on Global File Registry’s servers – just pass file hashes to our DLL, we do the rest!
  • You choose which files to filter, and when.
    For instance, you can choose to not display infringing files, or display them in red, or gray. Or choose to filter at point of download only. Or choose to not share infringing files. Whatever, it’s your choice.
  • GFR DLL’s asynchronous calls and rapid file lookup times are fast enough to even filter search results on the fly.
User Login Account
  • Ready-to-use DMCA-compliant user login service saves you having to develop such a feature.
  • User login service can connect to your login server or to ours. We provide you have ASP.NET code samples for implementing the server-side user login connection to your database, should you wish to host your own user login server.
Advanced filtering
  • Patent-pending point-of-index filter provides high-efficiency filtering of content on networks with distributed indexing nodes.
  • User privacy is important to us. No personal identifying information related to file transfers is collected or maintained by Global File Registry.
  • GFR DLL provides secure, authenticated and encrypted connection to the Global File Registry server for file take-down.
  • GFR DLL provides secure, authenticated and encrypted connection to either your server or to the Global File Registry server for user login.
  • We’ve taken care of all the client-server communication – no work needed by you.
Package includes:
  • GFR Lib file or DLL, as best fits your application
  • Documentation, sample integration code, and working test application
  • Fully working source for GFR-enabled eMule, Limewire and BitTorrent applications
  • ASP.NET code and SQL tables for running your own login server
  • Engineering support
  • BackOffice login for 2 people, with access to search traffic and file take-down reports
This package is currently available to qualified P2P application developers

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