Protect my content

  1. Download Limewire with Global File Registry file take-down (site login required)
  2. Search for Battlestar or Da Vinci
  3. The resulting display should look like this:

How it works

  1. When you do a search, all results are initially shown in grey.
  2. In background, the Global File Registry DLL that we’ve added to Limewire calls the GFR server, asking it for the take-down status of each file.
  3. If the GFR server replies "this file is good" or "I don't know anything about this file" then the search result changes to the normal Limewire black text, otherwise the file stays greyed out, and cannot be downloaded.
  4. If you try to download a greyed-out file then the download will be blocked, and the alert message shown above is displayed.

Technical Notes
The Limewire that you’re installing here is exactly the same as the version available on from www.limewire.com, except for these changes:

  • The application is installed using the INNO installer instead of the original Limewire installer
  • The installed package includes the Global File Registry module (CKGFRs.DLL) plus additional .jar files that act as a Java wrapper for the DLL, implement the message boxes in the Limewire GUI, etc.
  • So far comparatively few take-down notices have been issued by content owners via Global File Registry, so we’ve taken the liberty of ‘taking down’ a large number of Battlestar Galactica and Da Vinci Code files that we found on the Gnutella network.
  • The install package contains absolutely no adware, spyware or other bundled applications.