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Adding Global File Registry to your P2P application is fast and easy. We took three popular open-source P2P clients and added Global File Registry DLL to them, demonstrating how DMCA file and user take-down can be added to an existing P2P application.

Next steps…
If you’re a content owner and you want your content removed from P2P networks,
a) When you find your content available on a P2P network, give the network owner a call, and persuade them to GFR-enable their application.
b) Head over to Products for Content Owners, and start taking down infringing copies of your files now!

Legal Notices

  1. The above P2P application downloads are provided strictly for Global File Registry testing and evaluation purposes.
  2. The above GFR-enabled P2P applications were created by taking the publicly-available source code for these applications and integrating our GFR DLL with that source code, to create the download available here. In turn, our modified source code is available for download under the same terms as the original open-source license.
  3. No permission was required or was sought from the companies or individuals who created and/or distribute these P2P applications, and the use of these applications for GFR demonstration purposes does not implies an endorsement by those parties.
  4. The above GFR-enabled applications should be considered Alpha Releases, and you may experience the usual range of bugs, crashes, etc., that accompany any Alpha Release product.
  5. Global File Registry is not responsible for your use of the above application downloads to search for, download or share copyright-infringing content.
  6. DMCA compliance is dependant on many factors, including the absence of any infringement-inducing messaging on your web site, the availability of take-down contact information, the provision of a user login system, and more. On this page, and elsewhere on this web site, we refer to Global File Registry “making your application DMCA-compliant”, “make your application DMCA-compliant by GFR-enabling it”, etc. It is important to note that this wording should be read in its promotional context. Specifically, we make no claims that GFR-enabling your web site or product will make it DMCA-compliant or that a content owner won’t sue you nevertheless. Specifically, we make no representations regarding DMCA compliance, and you should consult a qualified lawyer.
  7. The DMCA is law of the United States. If your product or service is available outside the United States please check the laws in those territories.
  8. Global File Registry assumes no responsibility for use or misuse of the above sample applications, and under no circumstances will Global File Registry be liable for any damage resulting from use of these sample applications.