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Altnet Launches Global File Registry

SYDNEY, Australia, 1 August 2006

Online Copyright Protection and Crime Prevention
Altnet today announced the official launch of Global File Registry at www.globalfileregistry.com, the cornerstone of its online content protection and digital crime prevention strategy. Developed by experts in online distribution, content protection and anti piracy activity, Global File Registry ("GFR") is a giant leap forward for content owners and law enforcement agencies to control piracy and criminal activity on the Internet.

GFR is a consolidator of infringing file intelligence, enabling co- operating participants to electronically defend the legal rights of copyright owners and law enforcement authorities without impacting the privacy of users.

Kevin Bermeister, CEO of Altnet, said, "We believe GFR will usher in a new era of co-operation for online content and distribution industries, with artists and consumers standing to be the greatest beneficiaries."

GFR leverages the Altnet TrueNames patent portfolio by locating TrueNames (unique identifiers) in a centralized database so that known infringing files can be acted upon. This next-generation solution for online copyright infringement, digital crime prevention and content management provides:

  • Content Owners with a technology to unify anti-piracy efforts for continuous control over peer-to-peer and internet wide infringements.
  • Peer-to-Peer applications with a non invasive solution that reduces peer- to-peer developer and distributor liability (for example by enabling DMCA compliance), while supporting a content-centric revenue stream.
  • Internet Service Providers with an integrated approach to file transfer management, filtering and billing, while protecting user privacy.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies with a proactive global solution to prevent digital crime.
  • Users with a content shield protecting them from inadvertent or spontaneous criminal or civil digital infringements by preventing downloading of known illicit files.

GFR is a dynamic, centralized database containing unique identifiers of millions of infringing files captured and collated on behalf of multiple content owners and interested parties. Real-time updates by providers of file intelligence ensure GFR's accuracy and effectiveness.

In a world where the "know nothing, control nothing" approach is no longer acceptable, GFR's ability to identify infringing files also extends to substitution of those files for legitimate content or advertising, thereby creating powerful incentives for adoption of business models that legitimately support copyright.

Michael Speck, recently appointed to manage Altnet's enforcement programs said, "Global File Registry will improve online distribution channels for content owners, while empowering consumers by increasing the number of legitimate access points to the content they choose."

Product Availability
Global File Registry is operational as of today at www.globalfileregistry.com and stands ready to provide online content management and protection for all responsible participants in the digital marketplace.

About Altnet
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