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Global File Registry Passes Anti-Piracy Milestone

SYDNEY, Australia, 2 November 2006

Global File Registry today announced that it was well ahead of its timetable for incorporating illegal digital files in its global anti - piracy database.

The Global File Registry Database now holds over 2.6 million file hashes, each identifying an infringing version of popular sound recordings currently being distributed online. The database is now routinely completing in excess of 20 million file verifications per day and that number will continue to increase.

Reaching and exceeding the catalogue milestone ahead of time represents a major advance and affirms the new levels of anti-piracy efficiency achievable through Global File Registry.

“Given the current performance and commitment from stakeholders we expect to reach a real-time addition of 10 new infringing file hash identifiers to the GFR database every second. This makes GFR the most comprehensive database of infringing files.” said, Kevin Bermeister, Chief Executive Officer of Altnet Inc.

Global File Registry (GFR), www.globalfileregistry.com, an Altnet Inc. product incorporates methods for rapidly identifying the content of digital files, filtering out illegal results, identifying newly created illegal files and substituting illegal results for legitimate content, advertising or copyright warnings.

Global File Registry has the proven capacity to operate across networks and applications regardless of size or software being utilized. A network or application integrated with Global File Registry renders infringements and infringer’s anti-enforcement activities useless by the speed with which the GFR database reacts and evolves, even in the face of the most concerted efforts.

What makes Global File Registry unique is its superior capacity to identify and filter infringing digital content, its capacity to defeat infringer’s anti – enforcement activities and its capacity to substitute a legitimate transaction for every illegitimate attempt. This unique quality creates a powerful incentive for infringing business to shift to legitimate business models.

Global File Registry gives content owners the freedom to explore new and innovative digital distribution models. Altnet is turning to parties most of whom currently infringe its True Names patent, licensing them to obtain valuable file data so that instances of file infringements can be removed from the Internet in an automated fashion.

Kevin Bermeister continued, “Establishing a level playing field on the Internet by converting the illegitimate market into legitimate opportunities is the next challenge for content owners. Global File Registry already makes this goal a reality”

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