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Solutions for P2P Networks

"My P2P app connects to the Gnutella network. I don't have the time to develop a DMCA-compliant file take-down system. Can you help?"

"I understand that my application will need both file and user take-down to be DMCA compliant. But my app is decentralized and doesn’t have a user login capability. What can I do?"

Global File Registry’s client-side DLL easily integrates with any P2P application, helping make your application DMCA-compliant.

Our DLL provides both file and user take-down functionality, as required by the DMCA.

The Global Files Registry DLL bundled with your P2P application communicates with the Global File Registry database, receiving a list of files which content owners have requested not be downloaded or shared out by your application.

For each search query, the Global Files Registry DLL checks relevant results against its "do not share" list and informs your application which of those files content owners have asserted ownership of. Your application can then highlight those files in search results, and not allow them to be downloaded or shared out by your application.

The Global File Registry DLL is also able to substitute infringing content in search results with licensed versions of those files. When users buy those files, you share the revenue.

Integrating the Global File Registry DLL into your P2P application is easy. Our engineers can work with yours to get you up and running quickly. We’ve already done the engineering work for open-source eMule, Limewire and BitTorrent clients. We’ve made that source code available to you under the same open-source license terms.

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