Protect my content

Global File Registry: The economic, scalable, solution for removing infringing content on the internet.  

The Future of Truly Ubiquitous Content Delivery

GFR is a progressive self funding proposition for ISP's with benefits
to subscribers, content publishers, and ISPs. Endorsed by ISP's and
Copyright owners, GFR enables QOS improvements to ISP subscribers, protects copyright and delivers content revenue streams in the developing digital content economy. GFR is a truly unique and forward looking alternative.

Consumers Win!

Ever calculated your combined cost of storage and bandwidth? It's a lot! Tired of downloading "free" files only to find inferior versions? Fed-up dodging copyright liability?

Millions of internet users are now accustomed to poor quality. GFR ensures your search reaches endorsed and intended quality files that benefit you, labels, artists and your ISP. No longer will your internet usage be wasted downloading large unwanted files. You'll use less storage, save your bandwidth with and receive the quality files and services you deserve.


  • High Quality Content
  • High Definition Film
  • Faster Downloads
  • Artist Compensation
  • Seamless Payment
  • Liability Management

Great News for Copyright

Is your material being used without authorization and compensation? GFR is a unified service platform that identifies, removes and replaces unauthorized promotions of your infringed files from websites, P2P networks and search engines with your desired alternative whilst retaining a users experience to optimize direct marketing. All this can happen with little effort and low ongoing cost to monetize your content in circulation through ISP's.


  • Protection of Material
  • Payment for Work
  • Easy Removal of Content from Web Sites, P2P Networks and Search Engines

A new Revenue Stream for ISPs

Recognizing and promoting file commonality improves your capacity to manage customer QOS.

By actively assisting your customers LTV improves because of your ability to deal in and manage their use of copyright data making you more competitive and gaining greater favor from your existing and new customers. Provide the best movies and music seamlessly to your customers.


  • Increased Revenue
  • Deliver the content your customers want
  • Stop illegal websites and files passing through your system
  • Protect consumers from accessing illegal files